Purchased in 2009 WHS began to renovate the former Damhorst Toy Factory into a museum to display historical artifacts and ephemera related to the history of Wildwood.  In the 1970’s, the Damhorsts added to the existing barn to expand their growing wooden toy business, but eventually Wildwood zoning restrictions forced them to relocate about 1989.  This 40 ft. by 60 ft 2-story barn is large enough to serve as both our Museum and Archival Storage.  Over the years patrons have donated larger historical objects which we have kept in the facility thanks to its larger size.

We welcome any groups that would like to come and spend time with our docents get to know more about the local history.  Today the museum is open:

  • Mondays
  • during our meetings and events
  • or by appointment

If you would like to visit outside of those times you can contact us to arrange a visit at your convenience.