Wayne Winchester – Jensen’s Point

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Wildwood Historical Society 18750
Highway 100 Wildwood, MO 63069

Tuesday, April 19, 2022
07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Wayne Winchester grew up on a farm in Southeast Missouri. Started driving the farm tractor from dawn to dusk at an early age of nine years old. He attended and graduated from Advance High School in Advance, Missouri. From there went on to Southeast university majoring in business. Afterwards, he went on to hold positions in various companies. At this time he met and married my late wife, Terri. Then in 1983, they together founded Wintec Pharmaceutical.

At this time they purchased the office building at 1043 East Osage which joined the Jensen Point property. At this time, he set out to buy the vacant property to the west of my bldg. The owner, Wayne Smith was paranoid about owning Jensen Point and would only agree to sell if Wayne would include it in the purchase. Wayne agreed, and immediately fell in love with Jensen Point. Spent the next several years restoring and guarding the property against vandalism. Then in 2016 he agreed to sell the property to the city of Pacific. It has since been renovated and open to the public, which was a dream come true for Wayne.