The Wildwood Historical Society Mission Statement

Alonzo Farris
Alonzo Farris
The Wildwood Historical Society was founded in 1999 to continue the work of the Wildwood Historical Preservation Committee. The Society meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month in the Chicken Coop at the Hencken House Museum property located at 18750 Highway 100 in Wildwood, Missouri. For more information please reach us at:
Martha Bunch, Museum Director,
(314) 920-2249
1904 Fair
1904 Fair
Mr and Mrs. Charles Dreienhofer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dreienhofer

The purpose of the Wildwood Historical Society is to discover, memorialize and disseminate the prehistory and history of the City of Wildwood, Missouri by:

  1. Searching for and procuring written and photographic documentation (including, but not limited to, personal writings or photographs, newspaper articles, relics, memorabilia, and/or other similar documents, items, or objects relating to the history and prehistory of Wildwood.
  2. Preserving, displaying, and making available to the public theses documents, items, and objects by placing them in a museum/library/research center and in exhibits strategically located throughout Wildwood.
  3. Identifying and helping to maintain and preserve historic and prehistoric homes, buildings, and/or other structures and/or sites.
  4. Maintaining an active outreach and education program for Society members and the general public.
  5. Accepting donations of money, real property, and/or other property as appropriate to accomplish the above.